With the likes of Wimbledon, Glastonbury and countless other big summer events not going ahead this year, there is set to be a glut of strawberries in the UK. To do your bit to help, you can have a go at mixing up some delicious strawberry cocktails at home.

An article for Lifehacker recently shared a great tip – using frozen strawberries in place of ice when you’re mixing up what would traditionally be frozen cocktails.

The publication went as far as to provide a very simple recipe for any kind of frozen strawberry cocktail, which includes two ounces of a spirit of your choice (rum for a daiquiri, tequila for a margarita and so on), alone with one ounce of sugar syrup, three-quarters of an ounce of lemon or lime juice and ten to 15 frozen strawberries.

Pop all of those items in a blender, blitz them up and enjoy your summer cocktail! With strawberries in abundance at the moment, consider buying some extra ones and popping them in your freezer.

If you need some other ideas of how to use strawberries in your cocktails, a post for Eclipse Magazine recently shared some suggestions.

Among them are a strawberry Pimms, which is of course a classic, and a chocolate and strawberry martini which sounds delightfully decadent.

Talking of decadent, did you know that we’re getting ready to open our cocktail bar in Leicester Square in July? Come on down and let us whip up a decadent beverage for you soon!