It’s unlikely that anyone (of legal age) has never tried or drank vodka, whether that’s bottom-shelf supermarket brand mixed with coke, or maybe you’re quite particular and insist on having Belvedere vodka in your dirty martini.

But one trend for drinking the clear spirit during the lockdown has been to make it a little more palatable by infusing it with fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, or even sweets. Making your own flavoured vodka is a great way to create an incredibly vibrant and flavourful spirit that can be easily sipped straight or used as a substitute for straight vodka in cocktails.

Making your own infused and flavoured vodka at home is very easy. All you need is some of that supermarket brand vodka (there is no need to waste an expensive bottle on this), and your choice of infusing ingredient.

Some of our favourite flavoured vodkas to make at home are jalapeño vodka (which works wonders in a Gimlet, Martini or Bloody Mary), strawberry vodka (which is phenomenal in a Sex on the Beach, Gimlet or Lemon Drop), rosemary vodka or celery vodka.

To make it, simply add the prepared ingredient with the vodka in the bottle or a Mason jar, and let it sit for 24 hours (or possibly much shorter, if you’re using something potent like jalapeños), then strain it through a fine sieve to remove any pulp and seeds, and store it back in the bottle.

There are so many flavoured vodkas available at the supermarket and drinks retailers, but none of them really compare to the fresh, additive-free DIY versions. And it’s an alternative way to use seasonal ingredients and preserve the flavour to jam!

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