Rum is one of the truly international spirits, and it can be sipped, mixed, or tipped into a boozy punch for parties (although, maybe wait until after the pandemic for that!).

There are so many delicious cocktails that can be made with the Caribbean spirit. It’s thought that Rum was first distilled in Barbados, but today it is produced everywhere from Trinidad and Panama to California and Puerto Rico, and every good bar has a decent selection of different rums.

We have a look at the most common types of the tropical tipple.


White Rum

White rum is the clear spirit most commonly used in such cocktails as the Mojito and the Daiquiri. Of the many white rums, Bacardi is possibly the most well-known brand, but there are white rums by Appleton and Mount Gay.


Gold Rum

To make real gold rum, the spirit must have spent some time inside barrels, which lend it an amber colour, and a more complex flavour than white rum. It can be used in place of white rum in cocktails to add a layer of depth and is key in making the El Presidente cocktail.


Dark Rum

Dark rums typically spend more time ageing in wood casks, resulting in flavours ranging from chocolate and tobacco to coffee and leather. You can replace whiskey in some cocktails with rum, such as the Old Fashioned.


Black Rum

Black Rum is regarded for its syrupy molasses flavour and black rum is well suited with ginger beer, ginger ale and lime.


Spiced Rum

Spiced rums are normally sweeter than other rums and are laced with natural spices, caramel or artificial flavours. Often found in Tiki-style cocktails, and most well-known producers include Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerrys.


Overproof Rum

Overproof rums are normally above 120 proof (or 60 per cent alcohol by volume) and are perfect for floats on cocktails.

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